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Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Restaurant Furniture

We understand that purchasing quality restaurant furniture is an large investment for your establishment. We want your establishment to last for the years to come, and your commercial furniture to hold up for a long duration during that success. That’s why we put together several quick tips to help you keep your commercial furniture well maintained.

Laminated Table Tops:

1) We recommend to use warm water and a mild detergent to clean before and after each use
2) For tough stains, try mixing a mild cleaner with baking soda to form a paste and brush over the affected area (we recommend spot testing first)
3) For tougher stains, try using acetone to spot clean, rinse and dry well (we recommend spot testing first)

Wood Finish:

1) We recommend to dust with a soft cloth regularly
2) Use a dry cloth to clean up spills immediately
3) Coat with a hard paste wax every 3-4 months in the first year, and twice a year thereafter (wax will also help mask any small nicks and scratches)
4) To remove water rings, try applying paste wax and rub fine steel wool over the rings (we recommend spot testing first)
5) To remove spots or burns, try a small dab of ammonia followed by wax (we recommend spot testing first)

Metal Finish:

1) For regular upkeep; wipe metal parts with plain water often

2) We recommend to dust with a soft bristle brush regularly

3) To remove grease and stains, use mild soap and water


1) For regular upkeep; vacuum with an upholstery attachment
2) Most upholstery is protected with a stain guard product, ask your supplier; if not, you can apply your own
3) Clean spills with a dry towel


1) For regular upkeep; wash with mild soap and water
2) Most commercial aluminum is rust-proof, check with your supplier, but you can always add your own paste wax for additional surface protection

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